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Selection criteria for Changes

Can the option to filter changes be added in the same format as Tickets i.e. the filter menu on the left, 

Currently I cant see a way to filter Changes by agent or group?


Hi, I pretty much submitted the same thing here

for Problems and Releases to. Please consider clicking the "Do You like this idea" to vote for it.

This is there in the roadmap, guys. I cant give an ETA, but it will be out soon. :)

Good, I was just posting on this item so that the OP was aware of the other feature request and he could vote on it.

I assume you have the feature request forum with voting because you want users to submit requests, and see which are more popular. When there are two (or more) of the same requests in separate items, it dilutes the "interest" metric.

Please let me know if your prefer a different method. I was just trying to help.

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