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Reusable custom fields

Instead of having to recreate field every time they are needed, it would make more sense to be able to choose from a list of fields that have already been defined. This would also be very helpful to enable workflows based on these custom fields.

For example, all Employee New Hire, Separation and Change catalog items have a field called "Effective Date." This should become the due date for the ticket and for any task created from the ticket.

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I have a ticket raised for similar feature some time ago so sharing it here as well.

Is it possible to reuse a dropdown field across multiple service requests so that I could update the list values in one place?

I've been currently updating the same dropdown field in multiple services requests when I'd rather threat this as data source. 

Even better, this could be the AWS account name linked to Freshservice CMDB with the integration plugin.

We currently have custom Location field on multiple service requests but would be useful to be able to use the built in Location category as custom field in the requests.

Yes! Please give attention to this matter.

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