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Set task due dates based on fields in ticket or service catalog item

When creating rules to automatically add tasks, the due date of the task often needs to match a date field on the ticket itself. For example, if an employee termination date is effective on the 5th, the task is due on the 5th. There is no way for the system to know how many days from the time the request is entered that is, so right now the due date is arbitrary.

This goes along with the feature request to allow a service catalog item to be selected and filled out after a ticket has been created. If it comes via email, there needs to be a way to convert it to the appropriate catalog item (and form)

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I want this to - To have task due dates relative to a date field in the request.

ie - if i have a start date of a new employee, i want a due date for setting up his PC to a week before he comes in, clean his place a day before he comes in etc.

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An extra vote from me to have this implemented!  

For a leaver form I have also inserted a date field on which HR can indicate which is the last date of an employee. It would only be logical that you can use that date to create certain tasks or to use that date to write something in a team calendar!

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I would also like to see this, for similar reasons to everyone else...

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Would like to see this as well.  This would be a very welcome addition to streamlining and automating ticket expectations.

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i would like this too.

a opportunity to get a date (with specific format DD.MM.YYYY or MM/DD/YY) out of a email/ticket subject, would be also great!

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Yes we need this functionality as well!  Please add it!

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Yes we would like this as well!  Please add this!!!

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We also need this.

I am also looking for this.

Manually editing tasks to set proper due dates is painful - its a major reason why we're not even bothering with tasks right now. 

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