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Different ticket templates based on Group

I would like to have different Fields on the ticket template based on the Group.

This should work like the dependent fields functionality, but with the parent field being Group.

My case here is, I have two groups and they only have access to tickets on their own group. I have a custom dropdown field named "Category" for categorizing the tickets on both Groups, but the items in these dropdown Menus should be different for each group. e.g Group A should only create tickets on categories 1,2 and 3 and group B should only create tickets on categories 4, 5 and 6.

Dependent fields don't work on this case because each group would be able to create tickets for categories of the other group, just by choosing the wrong parent category.

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is there any update on this feature being released.
As we have many different departments using fresh-service, this is definitely becoming more of a dependency


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This feature would be great.  

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Hello - This request keeps coming up from our internal team members. I'd be really nice to have this. 

Thank You.

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