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CMDB requestes


First of all, me and my team are really enjoying FreshService, and love the CMDB feature. However, I feel that a few minor improvements can make it even better, and will allow us to start using it as our main asset database.

I would love to know if any of these are planned for the near future:

1. Integrating CMDB in the mobile app - being able to add assets would be great, but mostly I would just like to be able to look at the CMDB list anywhere I go. This is useful for "on the go" questions (like, "how many licenses do we have available for software X?") or when performing installations on a clients machine. instead of having to log in to the web interface, being able to check for the serial number or IP address right from inside the mobile app would be great.

2. Option to change default columns that show up in the CMDB interface - e.g. we have no use for the "location" column since we currently only have one office space, but would love to see another field instead. If possible, seeing different columns for different CI types would be even better, i.e. if I go into Softwares I would most likely need to see the serial number/license file location or the expiry date, while if I go into Hardware, I would like to see IP addresses. IT admins are known for loving customisation options, so I'm sure I'm not the only person who would like to have better control over the interface.

3. batch-update feature (select multiple assets and perform selected action on all) - Sometimes we're renewing 20+ licenses at once, and having to go into every asset to change the expiry date is kind of a pain.. So having the option to perform changes on multiple assets at once will be really helpful, not only for this case but for many other batch-changes we are looking to make.

4. I love all the customisation options for field creation, but am missing the option to hide or remove un-wanted fields. A lot of the default fields in CMDB are not always necessary, and I find that they just confuse and annoy our IT staff (e.g. free softwares, or those with "unlimited" license, will obviously have no need for any licensing-related fields).
This would be nice to have, either inside the "Configuration Items and Types" part of the Admin panel and/or inside each individual asset.


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Hey Michael

Its really great to hear such feedback and I'm glad to know that your team loves Freshservice too :) Thats what we want. Happy Helpdesk Agent = Happy Stakeholders

As for your questions,

Integrating CMDB in the mobile app - Already planned for Mobile App update, but no ETA can be given for now. Sorry about that.

Option to change default columns that show up in the CMDB interface - Already in Development and we are working on some UI issues, to address. It should be out soon

batch-update feature - One of the Top priority from my side (As a support Agent) and I'm already pushing the Product Management to take this up

option to hide or remove un-wanted fields - A very usable feedback and I'm already taking this up with the UI team

We will try our best to address your queries as soon as possible, but we will need some time to address the UI/UX components


Hey Vijay,
Thanks for the quick response, good to know that you're already working on those suggestions - hoping to see them soon :)

I also had another quick question unrelated to the CMDB, but I'll ask in a different thread.

Thanks again,


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Is there any update on this? I was about to request the same features but saw this post from 6 months ago.

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I would love to be able to get installed Software via API!

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I would also love an update on these features, as Echipchase said, it's been six months so we've been waiting for a while..
The CMDB is nice as it is, but these minor changes can make it great IMO. 

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We have started working on a number of improvements to the way assets are accessed in Freshservice CMDB.

Users will be able to personalize the columns to display. Also, they will be able to create their own custom views with custom filters applied to the asset data.

This feature is already in development and we hope to ship it soon.


Freshservice Product Team

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Good to hear. It's one of the weakest feature in FreshService at the moment :)

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Is there any update on changing default fields in CMDB? I saw this request was 3 years ago and am not sure if this feature is available yet. It would be great if we can modify the default fields as some of the them are not relevant to the CI. 



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Hi Dalad,

We missed updating this thread when we brought in improvements to the CMDB. 

If you are asking about removing the default columns that is displayed on the asset list by default, then please refer to this solution. If you want to remove the default fields for some asset types altogether, this is not yet possible in Freshservice. Will drop a line when we bring this capability. 



Hi Sid - Thank you for the update. Is there anyway we can expand the view columns to more than 10 fields?

Not right now, Dalad. Can you let me know what fields you would like to view? The idea is that you have some of the quick reference fields visible in the list and drill into the asset detail page for viewing all the details of the asset. 

Each CI has its own attributes / fields. Some we retain 20+ attributes. What FreshService has in default are at high level and we use only a few of them. Aside from that, if we have the same attributes but name differently, it will not take data in that field when we import. For instant "Asset State" in FreshService", we use "Asset Status" so it will not upload our data in this field. We have to manually fix it. Imagine we have thousands of records. 

Most of the fields in default can not be used by customers. I think it would be useful if FreshService limit the fields in default and give those space to customize section.  This way customers can manage their own fields without dealing with issue from the tool limitation. 

I understand you use them to track / reference for future updates of the same data record. Not sure why can't you use just primary key in this case the "Name" field. 

Another suggestion:

Even if we can customize fields in "Asset View" mode, it lacks some critical features i.e. search function. That's the benefit of having CMDB, to be able to search and run report. It would be nice to have these features available. 

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Would it be possible to add "Asset State" to the columns we can choose to view.  For my company this would be really helpful.  We would like to be able to see and sort by the "Asset State" so we could easily tell an employee what brands and models of a given device type we had available for them to choose from.  They may be requesting a Mac Book but all we have on the shelf right now is HP and Toshiba Laptops.   

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