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Auto Assignment of new tickets

Hello all,

We are testing the product freshservice, and would like it to send an email to either and individual or a distribution list when a new ticket is created. So far, it will not send any notification until you go into the ticket and assign to a group. 

Is there some way to modify this so each ticket will send an email upon creation? Thanks.

Yes, of course there is. Freshservice comes with an entire set of options to automate tasks like this.

Here are the steps to set this up:

  • Go to the Admin console and click on Dispatch'r (under Helpdesk Productivity). Some default rules have been provided. They'll give you an idea of how this feature works.
  • Click on New Rule and enter a name and description for it.
  • In the Conditions section, select 'Type', 'Is', 'Incident'. If you'd like to set the rule for service requests too, add that as a second condition and select the "Match ANY" radio button.
  • In the Actions section, select 'Send Email to Agent' (or group) and compose the mail.

Hope that helps! You can even create a rule to auto assign new tickets (as you mentioned in the title).

Have a good one!

PS  I'm attaching a PDF that explains all automation features in Freshservice. I'm sure you'll find it helpful :)


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