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Eliminate email notifications to the logged in user for actions they completed

Create an option in the administrative settings to prevent email notifications from going out to the logged in user if the notification trigger was caused by the logged in user.

It's quite annoying to get a string up email notifications for things you have just completed yourself in the tool. Ideally there would be a way to reserve email notifications for things that someone else, or the system, triggered.

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Yes, very annoying to assign a ticket to yourself and then get an email telling you a ticket has been assigned to you...

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I totally agree. I create a lot of tasks for myself and each of them generates a email notification to myself. I then need to delete a bunch of uneeded emails from my inbox

Agreed.  Hope to see this on the road map soon.

Yes, that would be great. The noise can become a little bit much sometimes


This should be a user preference as some users do want the emails while others like myself do not.

I'd hate for my agents to determine what they will or won't be notified on.

For us, we all use a shared Slack chat and have notifications pumped directly in.  Keeps everyone aware of updates.

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