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Any plans for a Windows phone app ?

the iPhone app is great, but are there any plans to put out a Windows phone app ?

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I agree with this completely. FreshService should really have a windows phone/windows store app. Windows 10 has really improved the usability of mobile devices and the platform is growing rapidly. This is a must have. 

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A universal Windows app would be a great asset to Freshservice. You can get up and running very quickly with the Islandwood Bridge for iOS.

A universal app that supported Windows Phone/Mobile, Continuum, and everything from a Surface to an Xbox to a Surface Hub would be a great asset for Freshservice. The service desk you can manage while you play Halo?

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Windows phone is a great platform and is easy to develop applications on. It's used by a lot of businesses with it's Office suite and SharePoint integration features. Can't go without it.

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Hi. I wonder if you have already started the development of this feature, because the system is the fastest growing among Brazilian companies.Is it still in the first half will be running this app?

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What is the status of this request? Since it is requested a year ago.

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hi, are there any plans for a windows phone app?


There are no immediate plans as such, but I'll definitely pass this along to the Product team. 



It bugs me they don't support Windows Phone or PC

PC: Edge is not support with their javascript. I find this lazy. I have to use Chrome.

Phone: The website is a desktop version and not a mobile version.

Support say: there is "we do not see any traction". I've got ticket open:

The android app on tablet has not been updated for a while. Got a separate ticket open for this:


Please stop ignoring Windows users. I cannot update tickets when travelling so need a laptop with chrome to update ticket notes and time. It's costing me time I could be spending on other work.

Please rather than say no doing some work, think about your customers and is it really worth the time saying no when you could have a working app in a few days. Job done.

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