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Initiate a change from a service request

I have noticed this post in the tips and tricks section that already covers this but i'm asking in the feature request section as I feel its a better home

In our workflow we will be looking at adding a service item into the catalogue for end users to raise change requests as in reality the system changes are driven by the business. This would consist of a form created with required fields in regards to business case, who is sponsoring the request etc.. then once received as a service request to the ticket queue the relevant approvals can be asked for. once these are received we would look to convert this to a change request so it can be reviewed for planning and resource etc,.. currently this can be done but will require a bit of copying and pasting between tabs so I'm requesting that a change could be raised from the request carrying all the relevant information that would make the process flow smoother with less administration.

Many thanks in advance


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There definitely should be a way to create a change request from a service request. I suggested this to our account manager the other day as we have the same issue. For example a feature request can require a change request to be created.

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Could I request an update on this please

Any News? :)

We would like this too, currently we have to change the ticket to an incident which loses the information that was raised on it

We have the same issue as Laurence - we have to change the feature request to an incident to raise a change which loses data/information and its very clunky/confusing for agents.

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi All,

  Ability to raise a change request from a service request is available now.



Thank you for implementing this change! This is very helpful.


We have used this function a few times now without issue. We noticed that when you change an incident to a service request you still lose all the text. If this could be addressed maybe by handling the data from one field to another and vice versa or sharing the same text fields it would prevent accidental data loss in the future or at least a warning. There will be times when requester submit a ticket in the wrong manner. Thanks for considering.

Hi Jeff,

We tried changing an incident to a service request and the text in the subject and the description remained intact.

When a service request is changed to an incident, though, it loses the 'requested item' and the 'approval' fields as they are not relevant anymore.

If you were referring to text in some other fields, please elaborate. We'll be happy to address that issue as well.



Thanks for doing this! Makes logical sense. 

Thank you for making this change, it has worked flawlessly for us as well! I think what Jeff may have been referring to is what you mentioned, Sajeesh. We are curious if there is any way to preserve the text when changing the type from SR to INC. Sometimes we may run into a situation where a user submits a feature request that would be more appropriately labeled as an incident and we would like to be able to change the type without having to copy and paste all the info so that we don't lose it. Thank you for looking into this!

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