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Quest Issues

When setting up a quest to be dependent on the condition of customer satisfaction ratings, the conditions are not saving.

Side note on quests: when I click "Cancel" or "Update" or "Back to Quests" it brings me to the dashboard with the message "You must be logged out to access that page." I can tell that the link the it's taking me to is which is a bad link. It appears that the link to the list of quests is

The issue is more widespread than just conditions of customer satisfaction ratings, it appears to be that no conditions are being saved.

This is a severely limiting and we very much enjoy the Arcade feature in Freshdesk currently, so we'd like this to be functioning correctly for Freshservice.

Hey Elizabeth

My sincere apologies for the delay in Forums reply

Creating a Ticket, in your name, so I may privately look into this for you


We had the same issue but found it seemed to be linked with using Internet Explorer, it works fine in Chrome



Thanks for the tip. I do the majority of my work using Chrome and that's what I was using in this case. However, after deleting cookies/cache, this was no longer an issue for me.

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