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Requester Responded alert

I love the Requester Responded alert on my tickets, but I would expect the alert to go away after I've read the response.  How can I make the alert go away without Replying to the Requester again?

It's a label designed to help you when you want to know the health of your service desk at a glance, Matthew. Currently, you cannot make the label it go away. 

I'm having the same question as Matthew above which is raised 1 year ago, do we have a plan to make a button "mark as read" ?
Sometimes requester just only reply "thanks" and we got a overdue requester responded ticket, this is not good.

Looking forward to hearing from you


We completely understand the importance of this feature. 

We appreciate your suggestion and have passed it on to our Product Management team.  

Thanks and Regards 

Sandhya Sriraman

Hi - I see multiple different forums where this question was brought up. I'm just wondering if it will ever be in the pipeline to have added. The issue is the same as the others posted above. We get a lot of users replying to ticket with "Thank you" or "Have a nice day" or "Okay I'll wait to hear back from you" and then it shows up with  "Requester Responded" and then the ticket is overdue if we don't reply back right away. Judging from the forums it seems a lot of people find this to be not good. 

I'm just wondering if it will ever be in the pipeline to add either a "mark as read" option or just to have the "requester responded" go away once I go into the ticket and view that response. 


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