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Merge duplicate CIs

Some of our devices have interfaces on multiple subnets. They show up multiple times when scanned and I end up with multiple CIs. I would like to be able to merge them into a single CI with multiple IP addresses - if I just delete one it shows up again next scan.

I would also like to merge some devices from IP scans with some from the domain scan.



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That makes a lot of sense, Mark. Thanks for the feedback.

This has been added to the roadmap.

Thanks very much Narain.

Is there anywhere I can view the roadmap? 

I shall have the roadmap mailed over to you, Mark.

Hey Narian,
I'm interested in both this feature and the roadmap. Would you mind sending me the roadmap as well?


Sure, Nick.

Don't forget to click 'Do you like this idea?' to vote for it!


Hey Narian, would it be possible for me to get a copy of said roadmap please :)

Done. :)

Hi Narain, would it be possible to get a copy of the roadmap, too? :D

Hi Narain, may I please have the roadmap emailed over to me? Thanks! :)

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