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RSS / Atom feed for announcements

It would be great if you could subscribe to an RSS feed for announcements.


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You can click on the follow button on top. You will be updated via email as and when the thread is updated. 



There is not a follow button in the Announcements at least in my helpdesk. I agree with JRD, it would be nice to either have a subscribe (follow) button or an RSS feed for the announcements.

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That's weird. Check the screenshots below. 

I hope this helps! 


No "Follow" button here.  I also don't see the "Forums" category. 

My understanding is that this would notify you by e-mail.  My intention would be to monitor announcements through my RSS client, which I check every morning along with the rest of the news and notifications. 

This is not high priority certainly but it would be very nice to have.


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I think you are trying to view the same inside your Freshservice app. You have to locate it in and not There are no forums inside Freshservice app.

I hope I am being clear. I am also mailing you as I post here. :)


Precisely,  What I meant in my original post was that it would be great to have an RSS feed of the "Announcements" in our own servicedesk.   

I understand it is possible to "Follow" topics in the main FreshService support forum (which is what I understand you are pointing out) but this is unrelated.  



Ah, I get it. I will have to talk to the product team to see if this is feasible. I will get back to you guys on this one.


As I said, not high priority, just a very nice to have. 

Thanks for your replies.


Great! Thanks Narain.

+1 for RSS / subscription functionality for Announcements.

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