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Child Items - Tickets, Problems, and Changes

Can you add the ability to create a parent-child relationships between tickets, problems, and changes.  For example, we capture the concept of a parent change - a parent change is made up of a number of child changes.

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Tasks and tickets are fundamentally different. They cannot be used interchangeably. Tasks have no place in my work flow. One request, like hiring a new user, has many components, handled by different agents, each responsible for their own SLA, within the same over arching SLA. . This can only be done with tickets. Another even more common request would be the one we've all seen. Dear service desk, Today, my dog ate my mouse. After that I spilled coffee in my laptop, I ran to get paper towel, tripped over the cat 5 and tore the jack out of the wall. I then found that we need more paper towel so I need to order office supplies. . I also forgot my password and need to follow up on my request in problem management. Obviously, the above is hyperbole, but not that far from the truth. If we don't want to call it child tickets, how about a clone ticket function. . In the example above, that would be cloned 5 times, assignee to 5 different groups. Child ticket is the appropriate way to do this but compromise with bad implementation is better than none.

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Hi ,

 Child Items for Ticket module is live now.  You may read more about how it works here (https://support.freshservice.com/support/solutions/articles/208025-adding-child-tickets-to-incidents-in-freshservice)



Follow on to Chris's suggestion, I'd like a clone-ticket function as well. It's useful for scenarios where we have an issue which turns out to be identical to a previous issue, and we want to have exactly the same data in another ticket with options to change any of the fields. Yes, this means that technically we could change all the fields and end up with a brand new ticket, but in most cases this function would be used to change at most the creation date field to Right Now, and maybe the Requester field.

I would appreciate the clone feature along with the parent-child relationship, At the moment we are having to log new tickets so the other agent\agencts get their time spent included on the reports. 

Hi Narain - any update on progress?

Still looking for an update on this one.

Yes, Like the others I'd be particularly interested in an update on this.  An ETA would be helpful too.

I agree - tickets and tasks are not always interchangeable, especially when it comes to measuring performance against an SLA, metrics on tickets handled, etc. The task functions in FreshService are not robust enough for anything other than very simple applications. I am able to use them for some basic things, but complicated workflows are not possible.

It's hard to find that balance between ease of use and functionality. What I instantly loved about FreshService is how easy it is to use, and how FAST we were able to get a functioning service desk up! Although my technical brain sometimes yearns for more complex workflow tools, over-complicating the product would be self defeating.

Perhaps a good idea to kick around would be a more advanced Workflow module that people could purchase as an add-on. This could enable the kinds of rules that stack tickets, tasks, changes, etc with dependencies and rules, etc. to build more complex structures that some companies require. This would be what I would consider a very mature step, and I think the software has some more basic fundamentals to address first.

Creating the ability to define tickets with a parent-child relationship would allow people to at least represent these more complex structures in the meantime.



Any updates on this one? 

I was hugely surprised to see an application like this WITHOUT a parent/child feature.  This would be a massive improvement to the software.

This is a very common feedback from our customers. We are shipping this feature real soon. :)

Hi Folks

Seems like TASKs should solve the requirements here

Parent Incident/Change can have multiple TASKs which are used as Child Tickets

As of now, using the TASKs feature is the apt way, and we will also be adding Reports for Tasks


Hi Vijay - Tasks don't fit my requirements - I'm after a true parent-child relationship. Is this still planned in a future release as mentioned by Narain? If so, when do you have it scheduled for?

But I need a parent change (major change) link with multiples changes.

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