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Inventory Report

The inventory feature is nice, but is there a feature to allow to export a PDF report of the inventory for a location?

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What you can do is export the entire CMDB as excel (right top corner). You have the option to specify which parameters you want to export as shown in the screenshot below. 

You can save the spreadsheet as PDF. 

This solution doesn't work for me. I have no assets classified as Hardware. I have, for example, switches and servers. Even though both of these CI types are subsets of Hardware, and export shows "No assets"!

I would like to be able to select, for example, all CIs where Location = X and Department = Y. This is what a relational database is for.


What I suggested is only a workaround. We are coming up with powerful reports in the coming months. :)

When we have some powerful reports ?

Yes: when?

Please feedback ?

Given these reports still don't exist, I'm curious if they will be delivered.
So far as I can tell, there's still no innate reporting ability on the CMDB. Everything must be done via spreadsheet. 

Any update? 

Any news on the CMDB reports? Looks like it's been quite some time since this threat was updated. 

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delayed response. CMDB Reports is currently in the final stages of QA testing. We are working on shipping this feature in April '16.  Please check back here for more updates. :)

Thank you for your feedback! 


Freshservice Product Management

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Hi Deepikaa,

is it possible to arrange to be a beta tester for this?


Hi everyone, 

Custom Reports for Assets is now live. You can read more about how it works here

Thank you all for your suggestions!



Is there a way to automatically track the inventory and open a ticket when the assets quantity that is in stock reaches X?

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