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More Reports

I noticed that although it has some good reports, most of them are either summaries or oriented towards evaluating agents performance.

I believe some reports currently missing are a must.  In my opinion some of these are:

Summary and detailed ticket report per Requester for a date range.  This report would allow us agents to send a particular requester either a summary or a detailed view of all tickets submitted during a date range (ex: last month).  This report should include basic ticket information along with its problems/solutions, total time invested, and any other important information.  It does not need to show all information as this could result in pretty long reports but at the very least a summary, perhaps a two-line text field for the problem and another one for the solution which the agent will fill-in as the ticket gets closed.  This fields would allow such a report to be created while reducing its size considerably.

Those two reports would be of great help when we have to justify to our requesters (clients) what we did during the month and I am really surprised it has not been included before and even more surprised that no one has suggested them.

I hope you take this suggestion into consideration soon.

Thank You.

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In the ticket view, you can select the 'requestor' from the left filter sidebar and then export data as CSV or XLS. Does this help?


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