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Sorting tickets

Feature Request: The ability to sort tickets by "response due" or "customer responded". 

This is something we monitor to make sure we are responding on time to our customers. It would be helpful to sort and report on this. 

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You can sort tickets by status as shown in the screenshot. Does this help? Thanks.

Not exactly. The status shows Open, Pending, Resolved, and Closed. I don't care necessarily what the status is... I only want to view the tickets that are overdue or have responses due. 

Look for the red and blue flags next to the tickets. It shows 'Overdue', 'Response overdue' and 'Requestor responded'. This works? Thanks.

Yes, I understand the tickets are flagged. All I'm suggesting is to give the technicians the option of ONLY seeing those tickets... it's especially important for management to ensure their team is on top on their tickets and problems are sitting.  This gives them a way to do that without having to look through all of the tickets. It was just an enhancement suggestion. 

Ah.. my bad. Only see the tickets. I will definitely discuss this with the team and see if this can be part of the roadmap. Thanks a lot for the feedback. 

Was this implemented ?

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Hi Narain! Has this been completed?


Is it implemented or in the roadmap?

As others I do agree: a possibility to sort or filter bye "due" field ("overdue", "new", "requester responded", "response due") will be useful.


Any update to this much need enhancement?

I don't see any responses here from the FS team so I'm going to jump on the train and ask whether this is in the works. Not being able to filter based on Response Due makes that an almost useless feature, to me. 

Any update on this? I'm new to Freshservice and it seems that the basic ability to sort by any column in a view is desperately needed. Most apps that offer similar types of views with columns gives the user the ability to sort by most of the columns - especially the pertinent information such as Agent and Status with the ability to reset the sort to the default sort selection. 

Or if we cannot sort by any column in the view, can "Assigned To" be added to the Sort By picklist at the top of the page? 



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+1 on this basic request

+1 on this request too!

+1 on this request too!

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