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SLA time options

Please add some more time options to the SLA policies selections.

If you are using BUSINESS HOURS, then I need to be able to select 10 days as a time, as opposed to 2 weeks since "2 weeks" excludes weekends and "holidays", pushing the Due date to be 18 days, instead of 14.

If I could select 10 days (or enter X days) then *I* can define my SLA based on what I've negotiated.

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Makes sense. We have added this to the roadmap.


Related: My dept provides support for urgent issues over the weekend, but other priorities are dealt with during the week. I have the two sets of hours defined, it would be great to have SLAs on urgent issues use a different set of hours to SLAs on other priority issues. 

You can create multiple SLAs and assign the SLA deemed necessary. Does this help?

Not really, the SLA still uses either Business or Calendar hours, and the business hours can only be set by group. I can't set it to use a specific set of hours based on the priority of the call. 

The idea here is that SLAs on urgent calls should be ticking down during the weekend, but SLAs on lower priority calls should only tick down during normal department open hours. The setup would actually be more nuanced than that, each priority would have different hours, but you get the idea. 

The workaround I am planning to use involves creating an urgent incident group, a high priority incident group, a high priority service request group etc. (8 groups per physical group of staff members) with all the same agents in each group. I'll then assign a different set of business hours to each group and create a set of observer rules to reassign tickets to the relevant group when the priority changes. 

This means a bit more admin, and gets a bit fiddly when agents reassign a ticket to a different geographical department because they have to make sure they reassign it to the correct one of the 8 groups for that department. It would therefore be easier if each set of business hours could have a sub-set for each priority level, and for the two ticket types. Then my groups could reflect the actual groups of staff in the business, with one SLA per group, and everything would be a lot simpler.

I hope that makes some sense, and sorry for hijacking the topic, in hindsight this actually looks quite different from the OP issue. 



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