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Visibility to more than one group but not all groups

I would like to request an enhancement that allows the option to assign visibility to more than one group but not all. 

For example, we have a need to share ticket visibility between multiple groups but we don't want ANY of our Human Resources group tickets to be visible to anyone outside of that group. 

A drop down for ticket visibility could be:    Agent can view all groups' tickets except (group listing drop down or check boxes next to group names)

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Not sure where my comment went? :)

The ability to have a ticket be a member of multiple groups is the future of the ITIL "Swarming" structure.

We would also like this ability...

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We would also like this ability. In our workflow:

Our marketing group is split in FreshService to 9 groups, for various areas of focus. Some agents are members of just one group, some are members of more than one (or all). We don't want the agents to have global access, as there are other departments with sensitive data in our systems. 

Ideally, we'd like the marketing folks to be able to see any marketing ticket (as they sometimes assist/discuss cross sub-group), but not have to have each group's agent drop down contain everyone. For managers of marketing, it would be great if they could see all the tickets in all the groups, but appear in none of the drop downs (or perhaps only in their own group). 

Similarly, we have other groups that are different departments (Support folks, networking folks, security folks) that collaborate on tickets enough that it would be handy to be able to see the other group(s) tickets, but very confusing if they had to appear in all of the groups agent drop down menus. 

+1, especially criteria to choose from when scoping such as:
- which groups to give visibility to
- what type of visibility for each group (read only, read and add private notes, full access (change any ticket property))
- notifications: receive notifications from group, do not receive notifications from group (i.e. group ticket assignment notifications)

Can someone provide and update on this?

This is a huge issue as we are now having to redesign our entire IT helpdesk side after adding HR to keep the two side separate and still give agents the ability to update customers on tickets, not in their group. 

Would like this feature too, we need certain groups to view tickets from other groups. But not all of them.

Adding them to group is not a solution, since you will get nofitications and all kind of stuff that is not relevant. 

I guess this is the FS answer to this issue:

But it's only available in the Forest plan -- and that is a shame.

We've already shipped the "Observers" feature that will address this issue:

We're also coming up with a way to provide agents different permissions in different groups:

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