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More actions options in automation

Like in the scenario automation: Ability to send mail to custom email address Ability to add tasks and assign them to the agent

add cc to the ticket

automatic canned response to the requester

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I need to setup an automation that will send an email to someone who is not an agent or requestor.

I would also like to send email to an address that is not an agent or requestor. Also send to SMS would be handy, although I could work around this by using an email-to-SMS service if the first part worked.

May I know what could be the use case for emailing a person who is neither an agent nor a requestor?

Case 1: To alert to a secondary email address such as a personal email address in the event that company email goes down out of hours.

Case 2: To alert a third-party with responsibility for supporting one of our systems.

Case 3: To use an email-to-SMS service to alert agents of urgent tickets as soon as they are logged. (This is probably easier for you to set up than a direct send-to-SMS given how many countries you operate in).

Hope that helps,



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Is there an update on this or has anyone come up with a work around?

automated canned responses, now please!

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