To ensure the effectiveness and reliability of Freshservice's On-Call Management system, we have implemented a fair-use policy. This policy is designed to protect our users from the negative impacts of notification overload and to maintain the system's performance for all customers.


Misconfigurations in customer-owned upstream systems or within Freshservice itself can lead to scenarios where users are bombarded with excessive notifications. This not only leads to spam and distractions but also imposes a mental load on users, preventing them from effectively managing and resolving escalations. Furthermore, it can result in the clogging of our On-Call Management system, causing delays in on-call notifications for other customers. 

To prevent misuse and ensure fair usage, our system monitors the frequency of notifications sent to users. If an unusually high number of notifications is detected within a short period, the user's notification channels may be temporarily restricted. This applies to all notification channels, including SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, push notifications, Slack, and Teams. 

It's important to note that only the specific user and channel that exceed the limit will be temporarily restricted. The agent will still be able to receive notifications through other channels, and other agents associated with the customer will continue to receive their notifications as usual.

When a user's notification channels are restricted, this action is logged as an activity on the associated ticket. The restriction is temporary and will be lifted after a brief cooling-off period, allowing normal notification flow to resume.

This policy is in place to safeguard the integrity of our On-Call Management system and to ensure that all our customers can rely on timely and relevant notifications. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this fair-use policy.