A Ticket, Problem, Change, or Release can be moved from one workspace to another workspace. Here is an article that describes three ways of moving these items.

Moving a ticket will have the following impacts:

  • Impact on ID: It will only change the ticket's prefix and not the ticket's ID

  • Impact on Prefix: The ticket will convert into the ticket type set in the new workspace. A ticket passed from a Business workspace to an IT workspace will convert to a Service Request and not an Incident.

  • Impact on associations: Any associations not supported by business workspace ticket types (Case/Query/Issue/Request) will be de-linked once a ticket has been moved from an IT workspace to a Business workspace. This is because IT ticket types support additional associations with advanced modules such as problem, change, alert and on-call management which are not present in business workspaces. The associations are preserved when the ticket moves from a business workspace to an IT workspace. 

  • Impact on ticket properties: Values present in custom fields of the old workspace will be removed. Having the same name for the custom fields in the source and the destination workspaces would NOT copy over the field values. If the values need to be preserved, the fields should be created as global custom fields.