If you want to use Freshservice on an iPad in kiosk mode, you can easily do so by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Enable Kiosk Mode

The first step is to enable kiosk mode on your iPad. To do this, go to Settings-> General -> Accessibility ->Guided Access. Toggle the switch to turn it on and set a passcode that will be required to exit kiosk mode.

Step 2: Set the Home Page to the Freshservice Portal

Once you have enabled kiosk mode, you need to set the home page to the Freshservice portal. To do this, open Safari and navigate to the Freshservice portal. Tap the Share button (the square with an upward arrow) and select Add to Home Screen. Name the shortcut "Freshservice" and tap Add.

Step 3: Configure Freshservice Portal

Log in to your Freshservice account and navigate to Admin -> Support portal settings

Here you can configure the portal only to show the Search a requester field for users to create a ticket. You can also configure the portal to use a limited role for kiosk mode or set the new ticket on the portal and view solutions for everyone.

If you choose to set the new ticket on the portal and view solutions for everyone, keep in mind that the user will need to enter a CAPTCHA to create the ticket. This can help prevent spam and ensure that only legitimate requests are submitted.

Step 4: Use Freshservice in Kiosk Mode

With the iPad in kiosk mode and the Freshservice portal configured, you can now use Freshservice in kiosk mode. When a customer approaches the iPad, they will only see the Search a requester field. They can enter their request and submit it. The ticket will be created automatically and can be viewed in your Freshservice account.