SaaS discovery is an intricate process that involves the syncing of large volumes of application and user data. With our latest update, the discovery and sync process is now enhanced with the following:

  • Better visibility with sync statuses

  • Background sync status refresh 

  • Improved API rate limit optimization

  • Improved User Deletion Sync

Sync statuses

To enable better visibility during discovery, we now have an updated sync process with dedicated statuses to indicate where the discovery is at. You can now:

  • Stay on top of the current status of your SaaS user and application data sync. 

  • Filter by application or by status to view current progress.

What are the statuses?

  • Successful 

  • Failed

  • Partially successful

  • In progress

Things you can do on this page

Filter by Integration

Filter sync status of applications by integrations you've setup.

View by sync status

Click on the statuses to view integrations in a particular status

Sync now

Restart the sync when your sync has failed

Where do you find it?

  • Navigate to Admin > SaaS management and click on the Sync status tab. (or)
  • Navigate to Assets > Software and click on Sync overview

You can also view sync status for your configurations and integrations from the Marketplace app. 

To better manage and take actions on SaaS applications, sync statuses are also available for quick viewing on the Software list page. 

Background sync refresh

To keep your sync running even when you switch from the Freshservice app, there will be a sync refresh in the background every 5 minutes to update the status and the number of software discovered. This is available on the sync status tab on the SaaS management page as well. 

Improved API rate limit optimization

With this update, your sync will run better and in a more optimized way when the API rate limit is met. When the rate limit is met, subsequent requests are throttled until the rate limit is revoked. 

Improved Deleted Users Sync

When users are deleted on the application, the deletion is synced back with Freshservice.