Here’s a sample workflow to demonstrate the use of the Google Drive and Smartsheet Orchestration app to automate employee referral use case in an organization.

  1. Create an event when a Service request is raised.

  2. Drag and drop the condition block to ensure if the Service request is made for Employee Referral.

  3. Pull in the App Node, which will have the following configurations:

App Name: Google Drive - Orch

App Action: Upload Ticket Attachments to Drive

Notes when Configuring Inputs:

  • ticket_id: The unique identifier that represents a Freshservice ticket raised. Pass the value ticket.id_numeric using ticket placeholders.

  • parent_folder_id: The ID of the parent folder which contains the file. It’s a unique value associated with a folder in Google Drive. To fetch the folder ID, right-click on the folder in Google Drive, click the share button, and you will get a URL, in the URL: Folder ID?usp=sharing

  • supports_all_drives: Whether the requesting application supports both My Drives and shared drives. (Default: false)

  1. To validate if the file is uploaded successfully, pull in the condition node to check the status code. 

  2. If the file is uploaded successfully, pull in the App Node, which will have the following configurations:

        App Name: Smartsheet - Orch

App Action: Add Row

Notes when Configuring Inputs:

  • sheet_id: Get it from the Smartsheet UI as shown below.

  • sheet_id: The Id of the sheet inside the spreadsheet

  • column_id: A comma-separated list of column ids.

  • value: Separate column values by pipe '|' for respective column ids mentioned above . Example : column value1|column value2|column value3

  1. To validate whether the details are inserted in a sheet or not, a condition node is added to check the status code.

  1. Finally, add an action node with ticket status as resolved and a note as success.

    Let’s see the use case execution in action.