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Exciting times are here as our latest rollout of improvement to our service desk, empowers you to gain more usability to help accelerate performance in your workplace. 

With more consistency, better clarity, and a greater allowance for scale, we’ve now put you in your comfort zone with more helpful context and clarity on where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed within the ticket view page. 

To help us better realize our promise of the ultimate employee experience, you’ll be getting an edge over your legacy architecture to give us: 

  1. A more scalable framework to work with. 

  2. Slight tweaks to boost the overall experience. 

  3. Improved access to applications and properties filter

Curious to find out what our UI/UX chefs have been cooking??‍? Well, let’s dig in then! 

Ticket details page layout optimized for scalability & accessibility 

You can now enjoy a more scalable layout with optimal white space and a more consistent spacing and typography for more clutter-free navigation

Tab view now includes description and conversation

We’ve now lumped in a sticky tab that’ll introduce a new menu called “Details” to help you navigate easily to other items with any scroll position. So, no more having to look far and wide for your conversation and its description!


Quick jump navigation 

Jump straight to your next activity with the quick jump navigation bar.


 First among equals; Enter the “VIP” badge

As a way to recognize and reward the contribution or influence of certain important requestors, we’ve come up with a VIP Badge and you can also immediately spot whether a report is a ticket, problem, or a change with a priority badge with module icons.

Don’t get caught out in the cold!

We’ve enhanced the “add watcher” widget! For easy access, the “add me” link immediately lumps you into a viewers’ list without you having to search for your name

Descriptions you just can’t miss!  

The description is immediately noticeable under the tab view. Our latest tweaks to the location of the description include a rich text editor to add markup content.

Gain more clarity on agent collisions 

When you hover, you can see if the agent is currently editing. You can also see viewers with their avatars and name. When you scroll down, you can see any agent collisions on the primary header — from any scrolled position.


 New links; new possibilities

We’ve chipped in with new links placed strategically at the top right corner for consistency: 

Due by Calendar

Enjoy smoother transitions in a more seamless interface for selection of date and time.

Edit ticket without hassle

Spot the edit ticket button easily from any scroll position.

 Multiple attachments 

You can now add multiple attachments at once and share complete context.

Improved layout in bigger resolutions

To help you get better readability with an improved layout on bigger screens, we’ve now aligned the content pane to the center.

 Child Tickets

In our legacy architecture, there was a lot of clutter and poor proximity in the card with the module icon, priority, and status, which we have now all improved in our ember migration. 


We’ve refreshed the UX to include status or edit and delete options, and new task creations are now moved to the slider. You can access newly created tasks easily as they will now be added on the top until the page refreshes in a separate section.

Add assets

We’ve brought some clarity on much of your internal “delete or disassociate” debates. Say goodbye to confusion as we now have a clear, contextual icon that spells “Disassociated”.

 Explore activities with a better UX

Navigate a fresh suite of clear sections: today, yesterday, and older. We’ve refined its UX and behavior to reflect dates (which are now sticky on the top while scrolling) and a better overview for you.

 Request approvals with better confidence

With our ember migration, you can expand/collapse the approval card, access reminders, and get approval notifications. We’ve improved the approved and reject actions buttons and also made sure to move the request approval to the slider for ease of access.

 Time entries

We swapped the “Add Time” link for a button for accessibility and enhanced the overall readability.

Create Incident takes on boosted readability and a better experience

Note: This is available on the classic view for accounts signed up after December 12th. 

In the legacy architecture, finding the templates being applied was tricky. Not anymore, as now, we’re showing recently used templates upfront. 

In the future, we’re giving the option to remove the template. We’ve moved the save, cancel block to the bottom for consistency.

 Service request gets a facelift! 

Note: This is available on the classic view by default for accounts signed up after December 12th.

Along with the introduction of the “all items” category in the pane, we’ve been able to boost the Search UI and ensure it is consistent with our self-service portal card’s experience and behaviors. We’ve optimized the design for accessibility and readability.