When you are operating in multiple locations and working in multiple languages, it becomes very challenging for your IT service management team to cater to the needs of all your end users. You need to manage your knowledge base in all the languages that you support and also ensure there is consistency across all of them. 

Multilingual knowledge base management can now help you manage your knowledge base in multiple languages more effectively and efficiently. You can easily create, declutter and organize your solution articles in multiple languages and support your customers in their primary language.

Set multiple languages

  • Go to Admin > Account Settings >Service Desk Rebranding

  • In the Manage Languages section set a primary language and add multiple supported (secondary) languages of your choice

Convert an article in other supported languages

  • Go to the Solutions module
  • Click on the solution article that you want to translate to another language
  • The right pane of the screen shows all your supported languages. Select the language in which you want to translate the solution article

  • New Article screen opens where you can add title and content to the article in the selected language
  • To refer to the original article in the primary language click on the option Refer article in primary language and it will appear as a pop-up on screen. You can refer the contents from this to write your article in the secondary language
  • Click on the Hide reference article to remove the pop-up from your screen
  • This also creates a link between all the similar articles that are in multiple languages. So, now you can also easily switch between two articles
  • This link between the same articles in multiple languages helps agents easily search for articles in a particular language despite any language barrier. For example, consider you are an English speaking agent and you need to pull an article in French. You can simply search that article in English and then change the language to French to pull the right article

Creating an article in multiple languages is one thing but managing them comes with multiple other challenges. It can always get clumsy and confusing for the agents to manage so many different language versions or for the end users to view and consume information from these articles. These articles need to have a structure and any changes in an article in one language must be reflected in all other languages.

Update articles 

  • In case you make any changes to a solution article in the primary language, you can click on the Mark other translations as Outdated option on the edit page
  • This will notify the agents who manage the articles in other languages and they can refer to the article in the primary language to make the changes. Once they have made the required changes, they can simply click on Mark <secondary language> translation as Up to date

View articles based on language

For Agents

As an agent you can easily declutter and manage your solution article by filtering solutions based on languages.

  • Go to the Solutions module
  • It will open a tab with a list of solution articles. By default the solution articles will be shown in your primary language. To change the language select the language of your language at the top right corner
  • The hierarchy in the left pane and the articles will all be filtered out based on your selected language

For Requesters/End Users

  • By default the end users will see the article in the language set as their primary language
  • In case the article is not present in the requesters primary language, then the article will be shown in the primary language in which it was created

Multilingual feature will be visible to only those accounts that have minimum one supported (secondary) language apart from the primary language