Here’s a sample workflow to demonstrate the use of the Orchestration app to automate the replication of an object within a dedicated S3 bucket.

  1. Create the Event when a Service Request is raised. Followed by a condition node to check whether the service request is raised for AWS S3.

  2. You can then pull in the App Node which will have the following configurations:

App Name: AWS S3 - Orch

App Action: Copy Object

Note: Make use of action-specific help text to configure the input values. 

Such as copy_source: Specifies the source object for the copy operation. Specify the name of the source bucket and the key of the source object, separated by a slash (/). For example, to copy the object reports/january.pdf from the bucket awsexamplebucket, use awsexamplebucket/reports/january.pdf.

  1. To validate the replication status, the condition node is added to check if the status code is equal to 200 and less than 300.

  2. Finally, add a public note with a confirmation message.

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