Here’s a sample workflow to demonstrate the use of the Google Drive and Google Sheet Orchestration app to automate employee referral use cases in an organization.

Referrals SR item have CVs attached, upload them to a dedicated folder in drive and then embed the link of the file in a Google Sheet that records all referrals.

  1. Create an event when a Service request is raised.

  2. Followed by the condition to ensure the Service request is Employee Referral.

  3. You can then pull in the App Node which will have the following configurations:

App Name: Google Drive - Orch

App Action: Upload Ticket Attachments To Drive

Notes when Configuring Inputs:

  • parent_folder_id: The unique identifier that represents a folder. Get the folder_id from Google Drive UI as shown below.

  • ticket_id: The unique identifier that represents a Freshservice ticket raised. Pass the value ticket.id_numeric using ticket placeholders.

  1. To validate whether the file uploaded successfully or not a condition node is added with a check for status code as 200.

  2. Finally, pull in an App node that will have the following configuration

                        App Name: Google Sheets - Orch

App Action: Insert New Row

Notes when Configuring Inputs:

  • spreadsheet_id: The Id of the spreadsheet that needs the update to be applied to. Get it from the Google Sheets UI as shown below.

  • sheet_id: The Id of the sheet inside the spreadsheet. The first sheet value is always 0.

  • values: The data that is to be written. Provide comma-separated values of the employee details.

  1. To validate whether the details are inserted in a sheet or not a condition node is added with the status code as 200.

  2. If successful add an action node with ticket status as resolved and a note as success.

Employee Referral Google Sheet

Google Drive Employee Referral Folder