Note: This integration is available for Orchestration and SaaS Management.

The Zoom application lets you automate repeatable actions within Freshservice and also helps you track accurate usage information for SaaS Management. 


Orchestration apps give you the ability to automate several repeatable actions that span across a diverse set of systems by performing specific actions with Freshservice Workflows. With the Zoom app you can perform actions for:

User Management

Get User Details with Email

Deactivate User with ID

Create User

Update User with ID

Update Users Email using Email

Get User Details with ID

Update Users Password with Email

Create User Outside Managed Domain

Get Users Token with Email

Update Users Email using ID

Activate User with Email

Update Users Password with ID

Create Standalone User

Get Users Token with ID

Delete Users Specified Assistant with Email

Activate User with ID

Delete User with Email

Create SSO User

Delete Users Assistants with Email

Delete Users Specified Assistant with ID

Deactivate User with Email

Delete User with ID

Update User with Email

Delete Users Assistants with ID

Get Granted Permissions for User with Email

Get Granted Permissions for User with ID

Revoke Users SSO Token with Email

Revoke Users SSO Token with ID

Meeting Management

 Get Meeting Details

Add Meeting Registrant

Delete Meeting

Create Meeting

Group Management

Create Group

Update Group

Get Group Details

Delete Group

Add Group Member

Update Group Member

Delete Group Member

Role Management

Create Role

Update Role

 Get Role

 Delete Role

Assign Role To Member

Unassign a Member Role

Validate Credentials

Saas Management

Freshservice’s integration with zoom allows you to accurately track zoom user and usage data in the SaaS Management module. With this integration you can:

  • Capture details related to the accounts Zoom plan and the current usage of the plan.

  • Ensure the account is always within subscribed limits and there are no bill shocks.

  • Track user activity including user type, their meeting activity

  • Provision/de-provision access directly to Zoom and also downgrade/upgrade users based on usage and requirement. 

    Note: This feature requires the SaaS Management Add-on. Know more

To track and manage Zoom applications, the usage data is synced as follows: 

  • Zoom meeting data for 60 days is synced

  • Tracking last used date based on when the latest meeting was hosted by a user

  • Optimize paid licenses better by tracking the number of meetings hosted for more than 40 minutes

To set up this integration, you can follow the instructions here.