Note: This feature is available as an add-on Estate, Forest, Pro, and Enterprise plans only. 

With the world embarking on a true digital transformation journey, most organizations today are slowly transitioning into a SaaS-based environment from on-prem solutions. Despite a huge uptick in the usage of SaaS applications for various business needs, traditional software asset management solutions rarely help IT teams in managing their SaaS applications. 

Therefore, IT teams are oftentimes finding it challenging to get complete visibility of their SaaS usage in a holistic manner, right within their existing service management tools. 

Introducing Freshservice SaaS Management 

With SaaS management, IT teams can now discover, manage and optimize SaaS applications right within their service management solution. IT teams can get a 360° view of their SaaS estate and optimize usage with insight-driven actions within their asset management and service management environment.

SaaS Management in Freshservice helps you,

Increase visibility: Discover your entire SaaS footprint right within Freshservice using direct integrations with SaaS Applications and identity providers.

Track and Analyse Usage: Understand who is using what and how they are using it with deep usage insights. 

Optimize Usage and Reduce Spend: Use our actionable insights to deprovision, downgrade or even notify inactive users and cut down SaaS spend.

Renew Intelligently: Right-size your SaaS subscriptions by staying on top of your renewals and usage data.

How do I enable this add-on? 

This add-on is currently available only for Pro and Enterprise plans. You can enable a 14-day free trial before you purchase from Admin -> SaaS Management.

The add-on is priced based on the number of employees in your organization. Your employee count will be the user limit for the add-on. 


















How do I get started?

Excited to get started? We’ve got you covered in 3 simple steps:

1. Discover: Discover your SaaS applications and pipe usage data using our suite of integrations.

2. Classify and Manage: Track what matters effectively by classifying applications and creating contracts.

3. Optimize: Analyze usage and take action to optimize spend right from Freshservice