Providing a great user experience has been Freshworks’ prime goal ever since its inception. Freshservice as a product has been growing rapidly with more functionalities and capabilities. While we are becoming more robust, we also want to make sure that we keep providing a clutter-free, simple and a modern day user experience.

In this attempt, we have revisited, and improved certain areas of Freshservice. 

With these changes, you will be able to enjoy all these benefits.

  • Scalable, rich and a modern look

  • An improved experience for high resolution screens(1920px) for better readability

  • Visually accessible colours to encourage inclusiveness

  • Enhanced performance with faster load times

In this article, we will help you understand the things that are changing. The changes will be showcased in terms of top and global navigations.  

Refer what we mean by header and global navigations here. 

Logo and branding:

We have moved your branding options to global navigation to ensure consistency across Freshworks products and to improve our information hierarchy.

  • You will now find the logo and the name of the service desk within the global navigation. 

  • The global navigation can now be collapsed and expanded. 

  • At a glance, you will be able to see your logo. Upon expansion, you will be able to see the name of your service desk.

All the branding and the theme setup will now be within the global navigation. The header will be white in color by default and will not be customizable any more.

Service Desk rebranding:

  • The portal branding is now categorized into agent and requester portal customization. 

  • You can now make changes to the global navigation theme by going to  Admin -> Service Desk rebranding -> Customize branding(under agent portal branding) -> Set logo and color

Enhancements in the header:

  1. The views dropdown interaction is now on the left hand side.

  2. The header will be white in color by default and will not be customizable anymore.

  3. The search icon will now appear as an extended search bar.

4. An improvised “New” button

5. An all in one,  logically grouped help button that will now have the following options:

  • Help & support

  • Chat with us

  • Product updates

  • Contact us(This will have all the contact numbers)

  • Freshservice status

6. A much cleaner display of notifications

7. Profile settings will now give easy access to auto-assignment of tickets and agent identity assumption.

Enhancements in the global navigation:

  • You can now expand and collapse the global navigation. Upon expansion, you will be able to see the name of the service desk and also the options available to navigate through the product with the icon help texts helping you navigate between the modules.

  • The existing favicon will still remain intact. But, when the logo is replaced or changed, the favicon will be replaced with the logo. 

  • The apps icon in the bottom of the global navigation will now consist of the Freshservice integrated products like Freshcaller, Freshchat CTI and a full page app that you have integrated your Freshservice account with. 

  • When viewed at a higher resolution, the global navigation will stay expanded and the product will be centre aligned.