The integration works only for paid Slack accounts (Standard or Higher). The Slack integration can not be enabled on the Enterprise Grid.

  1. Go to Admin -> Apps -> Slack Orchestration and SaaS Management App and install it.

  2. Once it’s installed, click on Add New

  3. Using Config Name, give a unique name for this account’s integration with Freshservice. This name is only for your reference to manage your integrations with multiple zoom instances

  4. Copy the Token from the Slack App created.

Steps to get the Slack Token

  • Go to the Your Apps section

  • Click on Create New App. Enter an App Name and the workplace where this has to be installed. Click Create App.

  • Select Permissions in the next screen and add the following User Token Scopes

    If you're setting up exclusively for SaaS management:

    • admin

    • users:read 


  • Install the App to the Workspace and click on Allow in the confirmation page.

  • Copy the Token

  1. To use this integration for SaaS Management, enable the SaaS Discovery section and provide the Freshservice Domain Name & the Agent API Key.
    Note: To know more about what SaaS Discovery is, click here.

  2. Click Verify

  3. Once the verification is successful, Click Add and complete the installation by clicking on Install.

If you're setting up Slack application for Orchestration, please refer to the installation guide here.