Efficient ticket management is vital for delivering exceptional customer support. Freshservice offers the SLA policy feature where you can automatically send escalation emails to all agents in a group when a ticket remains unattended for more than one hour. This proactive approach helps maintain your service level agreements and ensures timely resolution of customer issues. 

To send an escalation email to all agents of a group in Freshservice when a ticket is left unattended for more than one hour, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Service Management > Service Desk Settings > SLA and OLA Policies.Click Create New Policy and select the Ticket option.
  2. Provide a name such as "Ticket Escalation for Unattended Tickets."
  3. Under the SLA Targets section, set the service level targets for each ticket priority.
  4. Enable the Escalation Email toggle for the ticket priority that you wish to send the escalation emails.
  5. Configure the SLA conditions according to your requirements. In this case, you'll set the condition to trigger when a ticket remains unattended for more than one hour. 
  6. Under the What happens when the due date approaches / this SLA is violated? section, click on + Add rule to add the escalation rule.
    • Escalate Before 1 hour to Reporting Manager and Agent Group
  7. Save the SLA policy.

    Sending automatic escalation emails for SLA breaches

Once you've set up the SLA policy, it will automatically monitor the tickets and trigger the escalation email when a ticket remains unattended for more than one hour. The email will be sent to all agents belonging to the specified group, notifying them about the unattended ticket and prompting them to take action.