An asset is basically a resource or capability that has a financial value and a lifecycle. For
instance, a computer is an IT asset and so is a software application installed on it, or a printer
connected to it.

Freshservice helps you with Asset Management by providing a Configuration Management
Database (CMDB) that helps you manage Configuration Items (CIs). You could think of a CI
as an asset that you need to track and manage in order to deliver IT services.

Creating CIs/Assets

Freshservice lets you add and track details like ownership, maintenance, cost, relationships with
other CIs etc. all the way to the end of the CI’s lifecycle.

To add a CI:

  1. Go to the Assets tab from the left sidebar and click on the Inventory button and Click on New present on the top-right corner.

  2. In the ‘Add New’ form, fill the details of the CI you want to add and upload any relevant
    file. Click on Save when done.

Asset Management in Freshservice is fully integrated with its other modules. So, for every Ticket, Problem, Change and Release, you can link the associated CI, to get a better idea of its impact. Then you can access the CIs detailed view with the click of a button.

You can even go to the Assets tab and click on the Asset directly. The detailed view shows an overview of the CI with information like its cost, specifications etc.

You can click on one of the tabs in the left pane to view specific details, which are:

Relationships- All the other CIs that are related to the CI (and might be affected when it
is updated or removed). 

Software (For a ‘Hardware’ CI)- The software applications installed on the device.
Components (For a ‘Hardware’ CI)- The components of the device.
Associations- All the Tickets, Problems, Changes and Releases the CI is linked to.

Purchase Orders- All the purchase orders the CI is associated with.

Contracts- All the contracts the CI is associated with (see section 7).

Expenses (For a ‘Hardware’ CI)- The expenses incurred for purchase, maintenance,
support, disposal etc.
Activity- A complete log of all the activity performed on the CI.