It’s a good practice to add details about the troubleshooting you performed in the ticket. You can maintain logs of the progress made by adding private notes on the ticket. You can also use notes to discuss the ticket with other agents.

To add a private note, 

  • Go to the ticket’s detailed view and click on the Add note link under the ticket

  • Type the note and format it.

  • You can insert images (screenshots of the error message etc.) and also link a solution
    article (to show the steps you might have tried).

  • You can even attach a file either from your computer or from your Dropbox account.

  • If you’d like to notify a fellow agent about the note, enter their name in the Notify Agents

  • When you’re done, click on Add Private Note.

Quick Tip: You can also change the status of the ticket while submitting the note. Click the arrow next to the button for options.