The impact of a ticket plays a major role in an IT service desk. It helps your company’s IT team prioritize the right tickets at the right time. The impact of an incident ticket is usually assigned by the agent himself. 

But, adding an asset with a higher impact does not change the impact of the incident ticket. For example when you add a high impact asset to a “medium” impact incident ticket, the impact still stays “medium”. This might cause a delay in addressing the root cause of the incident, thereby creating more complications.

What is Asset Impact?

The asset impact feature in Freshservice automatically re-evaluates the impact of an incident ticket when an asset is associated with it. The result will reflect on the “impact” field value of the ticket.

If priority matrix is enabled, the newly assigned impact status will also affect the priority of the ticket.

Note: Asset impact feature is only available for incident and alert tickets.

How it Works?

Asset impact compares the existing “impact” field from the ticket details page against the impact of the newly associated asset and updates the value to whichever is the highest.

For example, imagine a ticket that has “medium” under the impact field. If a “high” impact asset is associated to the ticket, the value of the impact field will change from “medium” to “high”.

The change in the impact will always be from a lower value to a higher value and not otherwise. It can go from “medium” to “high”, but not from “high” to “medium”.

Note: If you wish to track changes in the impact field of an incident ticket, you can use the Activities section.

Enabling Asset Impact

To enable Asset impact,

  • Head to the Admin > Service Management > Service Desk Settings > Priority Matrix. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > {Worskpace Name} > Service Management > Service Desk Settings > Priority Matrix.
  • Scroll down to the Asset Impact section and enable the toggle switch that says Pass associated Asset impact to Ticket

Effect of Asset Impact on Priority Matrix

If Priority matrix is enabled along with asset impact, the impact of the ticket after associating a new asset will also affect the priority of the ticket.

Let’s take an example where the urgency of the ticket is “medium” and the impact is “low”. Now, as per the priority matrix, the priority of the ticket will be “low”. 

When you associate a new “medium” impact asset to the ticket, the impact of the ticket will be changed to “medium” and the priority of the ticket will move from “low” to “urgent.”

If Priority Matrix is disabled for your account, the change in the impact due to the association of an asset will not affect the priority of the ticket.

Dissociating Assets from a Ticket

Removing an asset from an incident ticket won’t change the impact of the ticket. The value in the impact field will stay the same.