The Assets page displays all the assets in your helpdesk as a list. By default, the following columns are displayed:

  • Display Name
  • CI Type
  • Location
  • Used By
  • Company
  • Managed By
  • Asset Tag

Customizing Columns

You can use the column customizer to modify the columns displayed in the Asset list. 

Here's how you can customize the columns in the Asset List:

  1. Select the view for which the columns have to be customized and click on the column customizer. To learn how to create/modify a view, refer to this solution. 
  2. Based on the Asset type of the view selected, the options in the column customizer will also change. For example, in the All Assets View, only the fields common across all the asset types will be displayed. If a specific asset type is selected, the fields relevant to that type will also be displayed along with the common fields. In the example considered here, the asset type selected is Hardware and the fields relevant for Hardware Asset Type are displayed.  
  3. Select the required fields (up to 10 fields can be selected). If you would like to rearrange the columns, drag and drop the fields to the required position.
  4. Click Apply to save the configuration to the selected view. 


The Column Customizer is not available in the Hierarchy and can be used only with Asset Views. To customize the columns, please use an existing view or create a new view so that the column configuration can be saved in the view.