When you get off a call with a requester who is reporting an issue, you would want to add your progress and comments to the original ticket for reference. Sometimes, you might even want to leave a friendly update to the user without invading their inbox saying that help is on the way. With Freshservice, you can do both with something called notes.

Notes let you jot down pointers right inside the ticket for internal use, and also non-invasively update your requesters on ticket progress every now and then.

Private notes

Often, you need to discuss a ticket or issue with other agents in your team, share progress internally, and log your updates for future reference. Freshservice lets you add private notes to a ticket that are only visible to agents logged in to your service desk. When you add a note to a ticket, you can also choose to notify specific agents in your team.

A quick guide to adding private notes:

  • Open up a ticket from your Dashboard or Tickets List page

  • Go to the Details tab and under conversations, click on Add note 

  • Type the note. You can also use rich text formatting to highlight, bullet, and style your comments

  • Attach a file if required by hitting the Attach a file button

  • Type the agents you wish to notify on this particular comment in the Notify to field. Remember that all logged-in agents will still be able to see your note, but only the agents you choose will receive an email notification

  • From the drop-down you can choose to add it as a private note or a public note

  • Press Add note

  • The note will now be added to your ticket and cannot be seen by your requesters. Similarly, you can also simultaneously add the note and resolve the ticket by clicking Add and Set as Resolved button from the Add note dropdown options