You can filter out tickets based on properties and view a list of tickets or in a kanban board that you want to get working on next. The default filters include ticket source, type, status, agents assigned to and tags. In addition, it will also include any custom field that you have included in your ticket form.

When you enter or choose a new filter condition, the list on the right reloads and displays a set of tickets that directly match your requirements. You can also select multiple filters at the same time and drill down deep to find what you are looking for. This can be used to go through a special kind of tickets, to view the history of requests from a particular customer or to pull out tickets from the past for general observation.


The Default Views Cheat Sheet


What it shows

Urgent and High Priority Tickets

All tickets in your help desk with Priority marked as “High” or “Urgent”

Open Tickets in My Groups

All tickets in groups you are a member of, with status “Open”

My Overdue Tickets

All tickets assigned to you that passed the Due date

My Open and Pending Tickets

All tickets assigned to you whose status is either “Open” or “Pending”

New & My Open Tickets

All tickets assigned to you with Status Open, and all Unassigned tickets in your help desk

All Unresolved Tickets

All Unresolved tickets in your help desk


All incidents in your help desk

Service Requests

All service request tickets in your help desk

All Tickets

All tickets in your help desk

Tickets I’m Watching

All tickets that you are monitoring (may be assigned to anyone)


All tickets marked as Spam


All tickets that have been deleted from your help desk

Tickets I Requested

All tickets that have been requested by you.

Creating views to filter tickets:

Every time, you create a new filter, the name of the view on top changes to “Untitled View”. If you want to come back and use the filter once again, you can create a new view by giving them a name. That way, you don’t have to choose those conditions all over again the next time.  You can also choose to share this view with other agents in your team

Quick guide to creating a new filter in Freshservice:

  • Click on the Tickets tab to open the Ticket View page.
  • Select either classic List or Kanban view
  • Use the filters on the right-hand side to select any conditions you want.
  • Hover next to the name of the view(on the ✓ mark) and a 'Save as' button will appear next to it.
  • Click on the 'Save as' button to open up a pop-up dialog.
  • Enter a name for the view you just created.
  • If you want to share it with other agents, choose either “All Agents” or “Agents in the group” from the list.
  • Click on the Save button to finish saving your view.

Note: Only an 'Account admin' or 'Admin' can create views that are visible to all agents.

Now, every time you access your Tickets tab, you should be able to choose your new view from the dropdown list.