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Freshdesk freshchat chat history is not kept

My team found a very serious issue. We integrated "freshchat" in "freshdesk". We realise that there are no chat history keep track on customer portal. Whenever a customer refresh or re login the browser, it become an entire new chat. This cause alot problem in our business flow.

1. Freshchat are flooded with message from same customer. This is because each message will be base on per session,
     refresh after re login

2. Freshchat cannot directly initiate a message to customer that have not start any communication.

3. Freshchat cannot directly initiate message because the "people" segment is over flooded with different message but same

4. Customer Portal does not receive any message even if we initiate message to him


1. Flooded message with same contact person

2. Message can only message existing customer that had begin communication
3. Freshchat is over flooded with message

4. Customer portal have no show of new message

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