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Workflow Next Condition Feature Needed

Curious if anyone can help me communicate my thoughts here as I think I am not explaining this very well to support.

right now you can make a workflow that has an event, like new ticket. a condition like contains urgent, and a action like set priority as urgent.

problem is the workflow now stops. any other workflows won't trigger because new ticket has already been triggered, and if I have another condition in the same workflow called password, with an action of email a reply with the password reset instructions. that second condition won't trigger because the first condition fired off and it stopped when the action completed.

in outlook, this is called stop processing more rules, and it can be turned off so additional rules can run (at the risk of circular rules)


I want to make a workflow rule that runs through a series of conditions and sets actions based on conditions that it finds without stopping when it finds the first match.

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