Looking to integrate your Freshservice and Slack to raise support tickets and get notified about your tickets? You can do much more by using our Servicebot for Slack.

Freshservice’s Servicebot for Slack empowers enterprises to provide a best-in-class digital experience to their employees with an intelligent and predictive conversational AI solution.

With the below key features*, you can:

  1. Get Conversational Support - Users can now chat with Servicebot to get assistance. Servicebot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand user queries and provides users with relevant information.
  2. Deflect Tickets - Deflect L1 tickets by providing relevant knowledge base articles and relieve service desk agents from monotonous and repetitive tasks.
  3. Project CollaborationEnable two-way sync to have contextual rich conversations on your ongoing project tasks. Refer this for more details.
  4. Provide Instant Updates– Map your Freshservice groups to your slack channels and provide instant updates around ticket assignments to your agents and the status of the tickets to your requesters. 
  5. Provide Faster Approvals -Agents and Requesters are notified about service requests and change approvals assigned to them.They can take action on approvals within Slack! 

With Servicebot for Slack your internal support team can act fast, get streamlined and offer a best in class unified experience to your employees.

*Features available only in the Enterprise plan

For installing Servicebot, refer to the below links:

  1. For enterprise plan users(Virtual Agent)

  2. For other pricing plan users