Slack Servicebot home page is showing an access denied error

For the Servicebot to recognise a user, it uses the primary email address of the user in Freshservice and matches it with email address of the user in slack. If the emails don’t match, the Servicebot will throw an error.
Additionally, you should check for the following:

  1. User must be active inside Freshservice (must have logged in atleast once)

  2. User must not be deleted in Freshservice

If the user is a requester in Freshservice, then

  1. Account shouldn’t have the “MSP mode” turned on

  2. Account must be on the enterprise plan of Freshservice

Requesters can interact with servicebot only on the “Enterprise” plan of Freshservice. 

Servicebot shows a “Continue to portal” button for incident and service request forms

Since slack supports only some UI controls, we only render the forms inside slack that are supported by the platforms. For forms that are not supported we redirect the user to continue submitting their request from the self service portal.

Servicebot will render a form inside slack if it fulfills the following requirements:

  1. Must have less than 8 fields

  2. Must have less than 100 choices across all dropdown fields

  3. Must not have dynamic sections and dependent fields (default category field is rendered for Incident forms if marked mandatory)

  4. For Incidents:

    1. Must not have business rules configured on an incident form

    2. Only Mandatory fields are rendered

  5. For Service Requests:

    1. Must not have dropdown fields that select options from a data source

    2. Must not be a loaner item or have child items

    3. Must not have attachments marked as mandatory

  6. Associating assets and adding attachments from Slack is not supported

Servicebot configuration page doesn’t show checkboxes for notifications

Servicebot functionality differs based on your plan. The ability to send notifications to requesters and approvers is only present on the “Enterprise” plan. You can read more below of how servicebot works in plans other than Enterprise:

Features available on all plans

Features available only on enterprise plan