Freshservice’s integrations for SaaS management enables accurate and reliable user and usage data discovery. Integrate with Okta to:

  • Discover and manage all the apps that employees authenticate to using Okta

  • Track the users assigned to each of these apps in Freshservice 

  • Analyze the usage of each of these apps by tracking the 60-day login history of each user for each app.

  • Keep all the information updated through regular sync (once every 24 hours) between Okta and Freshservice

Install the integration in Freshservice

  1. In Freshservice, navigate to Admin → SaaS Management and click on Okta SaaS Discovery App

  2. Use Account Label to give a unique name for this account’s integration with Freshservice to identify the apps discovered using this Okta account. 

In the Integration Add New Account page, enter the Okta URL, API Token copied from Okta. 

Getting the API Token from Okta

  • Log in to your Okta with Admin user profile.

  • In the Admin console, navigate to Security → API.

  • In the API screen, click on the Tokens tab.

  • Click on Create Token, to generate a new token that can be used in Freshservice to connect to Okta. Copy the generated token and use it to set up the integration in Freshservice.