Managing changes effectively is one of the most fundamental ways of avoiding IT disruptions. And yet, the efficiency of the change management process is generally underrated.

With Freshservice, you can automate the categorization, prioritization and even assignment of incoming changes. If a high impact, high-risk change request comes in, you can instantly mark it as urgent or notify a group of stakeholders (or do both), without manually screening each change.

Here's how you create Workflows using the Workflow Automator to manage new changes: 

  1. Login to Freshservice as an Admin. In the Admin tab, under Helpdesk Productivity, click Workflow Automator.
  2. Click New Automator > Change.
  3. In the form to create a new workflow, enter a Title and Description for your workflow and click Create.
  4. Now, you can drag and drop the Events that should trigger the automation for the change.
  5. The next step is to add the Conditions where you provide a set of parameters to the workflow.
  6. Finally, add the Actions that you want the workflow to perform and click on Done.

The rule will be added to the Change Rules tab. You can disable and enable rules by using the toggle switch next to them. You can even edit, delete or clone rules from this tab.