In order to ensure the success of your service desk, it is imperative to have advanced reporting capabilities for a wide range of insights.


Analytics in Freshservice is an advanced reporting feature, that would enable you to build necessary reports, utilize curated report template for modules such as tickets, problems, changes, releases, tasks and assets. 


Let’s take a look at how Analytics works. If you would rather watch a video explaining this, here’s one.



Analytics tab


In the global navigation bar, you can find Analytics in the drop-down menu of Reporting. Please note that Analytics will not be loaded if the user has disabled iframe in their security settings.


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This section provides easy access to three sections that is frequently used- Analyze Resources, Visualizations, Reports.

  • In the Analyze Resources subsection, visualizations on modules such as tickets, problems, changes, releases, tasks, and assets along with users, groups and companies can be found.

  • Trending or favourite visualization can be accessed easily from the Visualization sub-section.

  • Similarly, trending or curated reports can be accessed from the Reports subsection under Home.


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How to create reports


  • After browsing through the visualizations available, the user can save a particular visualization by creating a new report folder to save it or save to an existing team report folder as shown below. Please note that the newly created report can be accessed under Team Reports.


CG Gif 3.gif




How to copy curated reports to team reports


  • Clicking on the ‘Save to your reports’ icon on the top right corner of a curated report will enable it to be copied to team reports as shown below. Please note that once copied, the copied report in team reports automatically opens. It can also be accessed from Reports > Team Reports.


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Actions that can be performed inside team reports


The following actions can be performed with team reports

  • New Section: clicking this will enable you to create sections in the report

  • Start Presentation: this will enable you to telecast the report live on screen

  • Create Report Email: an email regarding this report can be sent

  • Duplicate Report: report can be duplicated and would be saved as a copy under team reports

  • Delete Report: will delete this report under team reports




How to access curated reports


  • Freshservice offers you a wide array of pre-existing curated reports that the user can access as required. 

  • For example: in order to access Problems Overview curated report the user can either scroll down to Home page in the Reports section or navigate to Home > Report > Curated Reports.



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How to use curated reports


  • Visualizations in a curated report can be filtered according to requirements. There is an array of filters that can be used varying with the module, visualization and the data represented.

  • For example, the