Windows Agent v2.6.0 (5 September 2019)

  • Support for adding the Windows Agent in an OS Image to enable easier rollout of the agent when setting up new devices

Windows Agent v2.4.0 (13 October 2017)

  • Support for TLS1.1

Windows Agent v2.3.0 (21 September 2017)

  • Minor code changes and bug fixes

  • This version requires Microsoft .Net 4.6 to work

  • Support for the following OS versions are deprecated as of this release

    • Windows XP

    • Windows Vista

    • Windows 2003

Windows Agent v2.2.0

  • Windows Agent crash report captured in freshservice application

  • Fixed issues for some accounts with CNAME¬†

Windows Agent v2.1.0 

  • Reduced frequency of update of windows discovery agent

  • Reduced Windows agent new version check frequency to once per week instead of daily

  • Fixed issues where the scan is invoked twice when the agent service is started

Windows Agent v2.0.0

  • Windows Agent decoupled from Probe

  • Agent download from Freshservice application enabled

Windows Agent v1.12.0

  • Reduced request per minute for windows discovery

  • Fixed an issue where the new windows agent updates the version unnecessarily

Windows Agent v1.11.0

  • Third party license information added to the Agent files

  • End User License Agreement added to Agent - Displayed during install

Windows Agent v1.10.0

  • Asset update logic change

  • New logic to prevent duplication of assets scanned by both Agent and Probe

Windows Agent v1.9.0

  • .net 3.5 dependency removed

  • Fixes data inconsistency

Windows Agent v1.8.0

  • Domain Scan for computers added

Windows Agent v1.7.0

  • Agent Re Registration fix during auto update

  • UpdateCheck changed from logon to startup

  • Default system locale overridden to "en-un"

Windows Agent v1.6.0

  • Json Library Added to construct result json from WMI queries

  • Empty chassis type handled

  • Windows scan script enhanced

Windows agent v1.5.0

  • Update logic revised if agent could not find the device name