When requesters send an email to your helpdesk email address, a ticket is created automatically. The problem arises when agents receive emails about IT issues.

If you use Google apps in your organization, the Google Gadgets integration lets agents quickly create a ticket whenever such a mail comes in.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to set it up:

1. Go to admin.google.com and sign in with an admin account. Click on Apps and then go to Marketplace apps.

2. Click on the + icon to see the list of apps in the marketplace. Look for Freshservice Gmail Gadget and click on it. You can even search for it.

3. A widget will be added to all the incoming email for your domain. Your Freshservice account will be associated with it if the domain name of your Google account matches the subdomain of your Freshservice account. If it does not, follow steps 4 and 5.

4. In case your Freshservice account has a different name, you’ll need to make the association manually. To do this, go to the list of installed apps and click Freshservice Gmail Gadget.

5. On the authentication page, you can create a new account or link an existing account. If you already have a Freshservice account, enter the account URL and click Submit.

6. If you are the Freshservice account admin and logged in to that account in Gmail, you're all set. If not, you'll need to enter the credentials for the account admin to complete the registration.

Once you've set it up, all of the agents in your service desk will now see the widget in all their incoming mail.

When they click on the Connect your Freshservice button, their Freshservice account will be connected to the Freshservice Gmail Gadget.

When they get a mail from a requester, they'll be able to quickly create a ticket, view the requester’s recent tickets (upto 10) and details, right from the widget.