Managing changes effectively is one of the most fundamental ways of avoiding IT disruptions. And yet, the efficiency of the change management process is generally underrated.

With Freshservice, you can automate the categorization, prioritization and even assignment of incoming changes. If a high impact, high risk change request comes in, you can instantly mark it as urgent or notify a group of stakeholders (or do both), without manually screening each change.

Here’s a quick guide to creating a Dispatch’r rule for new changes:

1. Login to Freshservice as an Admin. Go to the Admin console and click on Dispatch’r.

2. Click on New> Change Rule.

3. In the form to create the new rule:

     a. Enter a name and description for the rule.

     b. Add the conditions that will trigger this rule. You can create multiple conditions by clicking on Add new condition. Click on the ‘-’ sign to remove a condition.

     c. Choose whether the rule will be triggered if all the the conditions are met or any one of them will suffice.

     d. Specify the actions that the rule will perform. You can add and remove actions using the +/- signs.

4. When you're done, click on Save.

The rule will be added to the Change Rules tab. You can disable and enable rules by using the toggle switch next to them. You can even edit, delete or clone rules from this tab.

NOTE: The order of the Dispatch’r rules is important. For each incoming change request, Dispatch'r will execute the first matching rule and stop. You can reorder the list of rules to have the most important rules on top. To do that, go to Change Rules tab and click on 'Reorder'. Then click and drag the rules and save the order once done.